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The sun
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Just some days there may
be a cloud in the way


Perro Pintado was created by David Smalley. With over 30 years’ experience in the publishing and communication industry, he is a highly accomplished commercial operator with considerable experience in growing and running profitable businesses.  Skilled in business acquisition, the fostering of current clients and development of new relationships.  A Storyteller who can help organisations find and tell their own stories, helping them achieve greater potential. 

During the last six years David has been at the heart of the commercial interiors sector including hospitality, workplace, public sector and higher education. He is considered to be one of the best networked individuals having chaired over a hundred events, created thought-provoking editorial and supported businesses in achieving their commercial objectives. This gives him unique insight and perspective.


At Perro Pintado we approach each project with a “blank canvas” mentality. Discovering clients’ key motivations by asking the right questions at the right time, putting them in order and then helping them to fulfil their ambitions. We appreciate that each client is quite different and at different stages of their business cycle and therefore likely to want subtly different results. 

With three decades of experience we are able to hone in on precisely what the client views as a successful outcome.  Working backwards we are able provide a realistic plan to achieve the end results

Quality insight is a vital operation tool during any economic cycle. We provide primary data that will provide reliable insight on which to base the next steps of growth.

Our approach is
1. Understand
2. Discover
3. Analyse
4. Present

Our proposition uses online, telephone and face to face focus groups

Our significant experience in publishing means we understand what editors want and ultimately what the reader will engage with; this allows us to help clients that are looking for a subtle, yet powerful means, of broadcasting their message. Our aim is to help develop your business by bringing out the best of you and then telling the world

Client perception can be enhanced by being associated with a particular topic.  One of the most effective ways to link your brand to a subject is through an event. With significant experience of over a hundred events we can take away the event management pain delivering on the agreed levels of success


Perro Pintado is all about delivery.
This is what some people think about our ability to deliver:

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